Health benefits of olive oil

10 Health benefits of olive oil and beauty – Olive oil has long been known as an oil that is very useful, both in culinary, health or beauty purposes. Olive oil is the oil extracted from olives grown Mediterranean area. In the world of beauty, olive oil became one of the raw materials in many beauty products. The benefits of olive oil for health can not be separated from the existing content in olive oil alone.

Here are some of the nutrients in olive oil, so that the benefits for health and beauty is enormous.

In every 100 grams of olive oil are some nutritional values:

Energy – 3701 kJ (885 kcal)
Carbohydrates – 0 g
Fat – 100 g.
– Saturated (14 g)
– Not monounsaturated (73 g)
– Not polyunsaturated (11 g)
– Omega-3 fats ( – Omega-6 leak (3.5 to 21 g)
Protein – 0 g
Vitamin E – 14 mg (93% of the recommended daily intake for adults)
Vitamin K – 62 mg (59% of the recommended daily intake for adults).

Some health benefits of olive oil and beauty

1. Moisturize the skin naturally

Dry skin is less humidity, the skin must be fed so that the skin can keep the humidity. One of the food for the skin is olive oil, vitamin E in olive oil is very useful for skin health.

How to use olive oil:
Clean your face before wearing olive oil
Apply before bedtime on the skin, be careful to avoid contact with eyes.

2. Preventing premature aging

Health benefits of olive oil in preventing premature aging. The content of linoleic acid in olive oil will play a role in preventing this problem. Olive oil will keep moisture on the skin, in order not appear wrinkles at the early age. Much antioxidant contents in olive oil will keep the skin from exposure to UV radiation and eliminating free radicals.

3. Eliminate acne blemishes

Health benefits of olive oil for the face. The clean face usually avoided of acne. Otherwise dirty face will be prone to acne. It is not 100% acne appears because of hygiene, there are also due to hormonal factors. However, you can maintain the cleanliness to minimize the causes of acne. After your acne is lost, you can use olive oil to clear acne blemishes on the face.

How to remove stubborn acne blemishes naturally using olive oil is with heat a little of olive oil (not too hot) and then apply on acne blemishes on a regular basis.

4. Anti-Inflammatory

The health benefits of olive oil for anti-inflammatory. Olive oil contains many kinds of antioxidant, especially polyphenols, which help protect cells from damage. These polyphenolic compounds are the anti-inflammatory properties. Scientists have much research on the effects of these polyphenols; the result is olive oil is good for bone and digestive health. In another study shows that olive oil has the potential to increase brain function and memory.

5. Control your blood pressure

Ability to control blood pressure are the remarkable health benefits of olive oil. Add the olive oil to the daily diet for more than six months, which continues with the usual care, can control blood pressure. In some cases found, either low blood pressure or high blood pressure can decrease the dose of the drug or eliminate it entirely. However, you must do it with the supervision of a doctor.

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6. Contain good cholesterol

The health benefits of olive oil to keep the body’s cholesterol. Olive oil is included in the food and non-saturated oils. Olive oil may help reduce bad cholesterol in the body. However, in some studies indicate that other dietary oils, such as sunflower oil and canola oil, allowing in decreased levels of LDL and apolipoprotein B.

7. Prevention of Cancer

The benefits of olive oil to prevent cancer. Based on the research, it was found that the influence of the people who consume olive oil to the problem of cancer, reduce the risk of the occurrence of colorectal cancer. In addition, women who like using olive oil in various things can also reduce the reasonableness of breast cancer.

8. Prevention of Stroke

In the recent study shows that people who consume olive oil was lower the risk of stroke in elderly, than those not taking it at all. Although this research is observational, it will directly do to objects that consume or not. If this study proved later, the health benefits of olive oil for stroke is highly waiting for.

The benefits of olive oil are not only for things like the above, because olive oil is also suitable for aromatherapy because it has a distinctive odor and fragrant. Olive oil is also useful as an ingredient in a variety of face masks, as well as a nice used for massage oil.